Food Literacy

The Food Literacy Roundtable

Since the Food Literacy World Cafe held in 2015, CRFAIR has brought together organizations from around the region annually through a Food Literacy Roundtable. This effort is part of the Good Food 2025 collective impact strategy. The goals for the roundtable are to increase networking opportunities between people and organizations working in the area of food literacy, to share promising practices and research, to identify what we would like to learn more about, as well as to continue to align our efforts more strategically for greater impact.

The Food Literacy Working Group

The Food Literacy Working group brings together a number of leaders across sectors with an interest in promoting Food Literacy in the Capital Region. This newly formed group looks to help provide strategic direction around food literacy projects, metrics, and collaborations in the region. If you are interested in learning more or joining this working group, please contact Janelle Hatch (

Conversation Series

These monthly conversations bring together educators and others interested in supporting food literacy in our community. An opportunity to connect, share, and learn together. Interested in joining the conversation via e-mail and staying up to date on the gatherings and other events? Contact and ask to join the Food-Literacy mailing list.

Small group discussions at 2018 food literacy roundtable

Small group discussions at 2018 food literacy roundtable

Food literacy is the ability to understand food and to develop a positive relationship, food skills and practices across the lifespan in order to navigate, engage and participate within a complex food system, making decisions to support the achievement of personal health and to support a sustainable food system considering environmental, social, economic, cultural, and political components
— Horner Cullen et al., 2014