The Victoria Community Food Hub Society (VCFHS)

The Victoria Community Food Hub Society (VCFHS) was incorporated as a Charity in 2013. It works hand in hand with its key partners the Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable (CRFAIR) and the Foodshare Network to promote a healthy and sustainable food system in the Capital Region. The VCFHS efforts are focused on ensuring that this food system provides healthy food to the most vulnerable people in our community and works to increase their resources, food skills and social connections for a healthier future.

Mission: The purpose of the organization is to alleviate poverty and hunger by providing access to healthy food, while fostering a local food based economy. We believe that through providing access to healthy food, education and care we can support individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater health and well being. The way we work is to bring community resources together through food hubs, centres and networks to reach and engage people where they live, work and play in food access and literacy programs.

Our Core Values: 

The right to food: The right to food is a value that all people deserve adequate access to food that is healthy, nourishing and culturally appropriate. Though the work of Food Hubs Centres or Networks they ensure that their community has this Right to Food.

Building community through food: Food can be used as community building tool; the simple act of bringing people together and break bread. Food strengthens community connection and helps reduce social isolation. The majority of people enjoy food and the act of eating, growing, cooking and preserving food has the ability to build connections amount community members

Strengthen the local food system within our work: Though not all food can be sourced locally at all times Food Hubs, Centres or Networks try to embed programs that promote the sourcing of local food. This can be done through several ways such as a gardens, farmer’s market coupons or bulk buying programs.

Activities and Services: 

Food Hubs and Networks Program: This program brings together over 40 organizations to increase food literacy and food access in the community. This involves research, building shared metrics and undertaking roundtables and education sessions to increase our collective capacity to reach and support the most vulnerable people in our community.

FoodShare Network Partnership: We support a coalition effort to develop a food rescue and redistribution center. This center recovers food that would normally go to waste from local grocery stores (Thrifty Foods) and then redistributes this food to FoodShare Network members. Mustard Seed is the operational partner for the distribution center.

Youth Food Security Initiative-we work to support the Youth Food Action team that supports youth between the ages of 14 and 24 to get involved in food security initaitives this includes learning about where food comes from on local farms, to supporting community food initiatives like working at the Viewfield Food Rescue Center and Fernwood NRG community dinners.

Community Food Access and Education: We work to support neighbourhood and community based distribution of healthy food that is tied to building food skills. This program is working with specific populations in key areas including First Nations, children in schools, community organizations, seniors and Capital Region Housing.

Demographics of people served: community organizations who serve First nations, youth, low income, seniors, LGTB