Jean Newton

Jean has been an advocate for fair wages and benefits for farm workers since 1960, when she saw the Edward R. Murrow documentary, Harvest of Shame, depicting the plight of American migrant agricultural workers. In university, she supported the Caesar Chavez led Delano Grape Boycott, and in 1970, she celebrated with millions of North American consumers when California grape growers signed the first ever farmworker union contract in the US.


In 1972, Jean moved to Canada, and till 2010, she focused on raising her children and on a career as a psychiatric social worker. During those years, she continued to educate herself about agricultural issues, to advocate for her clients who were food insecure, and to eat as much locally produced food as was available. Following retirement, she volunteered for CRFAIR and in April, 2018, became a CRFAIR board member. Currently she is working to promote food literacy, food security and the CRFAIR Good Food Resolution. She is encouraged to see that interest in local food, sustainable agriculture and the rights of farmers and farmworkers is increasing.